Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yin si juan

Yin si juan is a traditional dish of Beijing cuisine.


The traditional culinary method of this dish begins with the preparation of the main ingredient by first adding baking soda to 350 grams of flour, and mixing the ingredients well. The next step was to add another 150 grams of flour, and then apply the same method of making lamian by stretching the dough eight times so the resulting noodle totaled 256. The noodles were then spread out and 100 grams of solid pork fat is evenly applied via brushing. After applying the pork fat, the noodles would be cut into small section averaging 5 to 6 each.
The remaining flour would be mixed with 25 grams of sugar and made into wrappers of 3 thick, and the noodle section is wrapped in. The resulting products would first be baked atop of stove for six to seven minutes, and after the size has been increased, the product would be either steamed for 20 minutes, or baked in the oven until the color turns to gold before serving. For the specified amount of ingredient listed, the water needed is around 250 grams.
This dish is currently rather rare due to the use of pork fat which is deemed unhealthy.

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